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    Oh, Finn?


    Finn Nelson?


    This guy?


    Well, I don’t know…


    He seems alright…


    But I wouldnt go as far as saying that I “love” him…



    Definitely not love


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    Rae’s boys - My mad fat diary 1x04

    This is just too cute!

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    His smile says it all. Of course he wrote “I Love You”. 

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    Favorite off-screen friendships/relationships [ 11 / ? ]: Sharon Rooney and Nico Mirallegro

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    I basically love the fact that Izzy is the first person who throws down an ultimatum here. I know the focus is mostly on Finn’s response (for reasons), but let’s give it up for Izzy. Girl is basically like, “Oh hell no - if my friend isn’t going, I’m not going.” In many ways, Izzy demonstrates more consistent loyalty to Rae than any other girl on the show. There are so many subtle moments in their friendship on the show that genuinely depict Izzy as a caring and sincere friend:

    • She literally jumps up and down with excitement when Rae claimed Archie fingered her; 
    • She’s the one who says “Let’s do a makeover”, which really comes across (to me) as an act of support from her character (in the next few lines/scenes Chloe turns it into a manipulative thing);
    • She also doesn’t offer loads of “free advice” to Rae, she tends to be the one who’s openly listening to her (and others);
    • If she’s curious about something, she directly asks (ie. she’s the one that asked Rae directly about her scars when she saw them again during the makeover) and then encouraged Rae not to be self-conscious;  
    • Rave ultimatum (gif set);
    • V-plate pact (THEN she pro-actively confesses to Rae she “broke” it);
    • Waxing appointment where she opens up to Rae about her own physical insecurities; 
    • Super-supportive of Rae singing in the talent show.

    Those are just a few things. I’m not saying she’s perfect, but it’s interesting how her qualities are very unique from other females on the show. What I find interesting is the way the show is written, Rae’s character doesn’t allow or invite Izzy into her life very much - it’s more Chloe-centric in the girl-friends arena. But, how Izzy’s character is written/played, she is a more nurturing, supporting, and altruistic friend to Rae. 

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    The things this boy will do in order to kiss her. He physically lifts his bum off of the bench in order to keep their lips connected. The poor boy had been waiting several weeks in order to kiss her and he definitely didn’t want to stop once he finally got to. It’s adorable that you can see him wanting to do it almost desperately. He also has no problems possibly pulling a back or shoulder muscle in order to kiss her when they were at his house. Every kiss they shared was out of want. They were kisses that meant something. Either kisses that were meant to shut her up, but not because he didn’t want to listen to her, but because they were moments of reassurance. Kisses that said no I don’t think you’re weird and kisses that said, I want you, no one else.

    *content sigh*

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