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    I Love the way he looks at her hair and then her mouth

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  3. justagirlnamedkayla:

    I miss Rae. I miss the gang. I miss Kester’s words of wisdom. I miss Danny. I miss Rae and Finn even though I almost drowned in the angst. I just miss all of their faces.

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  4. http://instagram.com/p/qsAqGuSAz8/
    update x

    OMG what the hell is he wearing bhahaha

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    Finn’s face because 2 girls are about to kiss…

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    yes hello how do i make out with nico mirallegro this is a genuine concern of mine that i would like to have taken care of

    Have you tried turning it off and then on again?

    I think getting turned on is what got us all in this mess in the first place

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    I needed to take it up a notch. I had to do something I never attempted before… f l i r t

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    Choose the man who shows compassion and understanding to everyone but still manages to make you feel special. 

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  10. If the gang were the gang in 2014: Instagram edition

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